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Android button click sound

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However, this is a topic for another question. To keep the scope of this answer small, I wrote it just to illustrate how to play a sound on button click in Android. How to add sound play effect on button click in Android Application.

Here are the steps by step procedure with screenshots like Add a button in. add sound to button onclick. Hello all how to add a sound to button (on click) in Android Studio, i searched but i all i found is for (Eclipse). If you need to get sound effect for button click or some other event in Below you can download source code of this sample Android project.

android:onClick="playAlien" android:text="Play Alien file" tools: layout_editor_absoluteX="0dp" tools:layout_editor_absoluteY="0dp" /> Button. Just play a sound on button click as explained below. [code]Button playsound = ( Button) waseluv.tkewById(waseluv.tkund_button); final MediaPlayer mediap.

Use default sounds from /system/media/audio/. MediaPlayer or SoundPool will help to implement playback. Button bt = findViewById(waseluv.tkton); final MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = waseluv.tk(waseluv.tk, waseluv.tk_back); bt. Delphi and Android How i can "play click sound" when i press button. This code stop my applications. procedure Sound; var AudioObj. I don't know how to properly describe this: the "click" noise or tone that goes off when you click any icons or buttons All I know is when volume.


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