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Introduction The digestive system is used for breaking down food into nutrients which then pass into the circulatory system and are taken to. Digestive System.

Digestion. Phases Include. Ingestion; Movement; Mechanical and Chemical Digestion; Absorption; Elimination. Digestion. Types. Mechanical. Digestive System. Obtaining nutrients. Nutrition. Energy. Body cells need energy to run cell processes. Animals obtain chemical energy from food. Energy is. 2 main groups of organs in the digestive system. 1. Alimentary Canal (nutrition).

a . Mouth. b. Pharynx. c. Esophagus. d. Stomach. e. Small bowel. f. Large bowel. Stomach. • J-shaped muscular bag that stores the food you eat, breaks it down into tiny pieces. • Mixes food with digestive juices that contain enzymes to break. Understand the digestive system is a series of tubes with different epithelia .. of each figure in the 'notes' feature presented in PowerPoint below the images. The Digestive System.

TAKS. Objective 2 – The student will demonstrate an understanding of living systems and the environment. TEKS Science Concepts. The Digestive System Chapter 23 – Lecture Notes. to accompany. Anatomy and Physiology: From Science to Life. textbook by. Gail Jenkins, Christopher. Organs of the digestive system are either part of the gastrointestinal tract ( alimentary canal) or accessory digestive organs. The GI tract includes the mouth, . OB6 Identify and locate the major parts of the digestive system including: the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestine, and know their.


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